EMSculpt Body Sculpting


Price and duration:  30 min – 15000

Price and duration: 60 min 25000 kr

Price and duration: 5 x 30 min – 65000 kr

Price and duration: 10 x 30 min 110000 kr

Price and duration: 90 min 35000 KR

Price and duration: 75 min 20000 kr


Emsculpt uses advanced technology to shape the body, "Emsculpt uses electromagnetic energy to get tension in the muscles in the area being worked on" This works exactly as the muscles naturally tense. Emsculpt takes over this process by using electromagnetic energy that tenses the muscles to produce so-called super maximal tension.


How does Emsculpt work?

"The technique produces 20,000 super maximal muscle tension comparable to a person performing 20,000 sit-ups or upright positions" The muscles are "forced" to adapt to such extreme conditions. The muscles react in such a way that they have to adapt and form new muscles and shape the muscles in order to be able to adapt to such treatment and thereby increasing muscle formation and fat burning in the area being worked on.


How long does the Emscult treatment take?

Each class is 30 minutes on a specific area of the body. If more body parts are covered then it is simply 30 minutes for each body part. It is recommended that the treatment takes approximately 2 weeks per body part and with an interval of two to three days between treatments for each body part to achieve maximum results.

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