Facial Treatments for Oily Skin

Advantages of the treatment:

  • A universally effective cleansing and balancing treatment for sensitive acne-prone skin.
  • Smart treatment that focuses on controlling the skin's microbes
  • There is no age limit, but the treatment is tailored to the skin of teenagers with skincare with acne "acne tarda" in mind.
  • Compatible with acid and skin treatments
  • The treatment can be performed all year round

The treatment is especially recommended for:

  • Teens to prevent the formation of acne
  • Individuals with hormonal disorders and acne symptoms
  • Men who are prone to infections and discomfort after shaving
  • Individuals with disturbed microbial activity in psoriatic dermatitis, atopy, and eczema
  • Einstaklinga í og stuttu eftir að sýklalyfjameðferð og húðmeðferðir stendur

Number and frequency of treatments: 4-8 treatments every 7-14 days


Price and duration: 70 min 22000 kr

The treatment is suitable for all skin types 

The main advantages of the treatment: 

• Effective and quick facial treatment when needed 

* Smart Neuropeeling for all skin types and all ages: Visible tightening of pores and a brighter complexion in an instant 

* Smoothes and builds the skin (reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles) 

* Smart Neuropeeling for all skin types and all ages:

 - "freezing effect" - smoothing of wrinkles and improvement of skin tension

 - "plumping effect" - fills in wrinkles and improves the volume of the skin 

- "Hydro effect" - filling wrinkles and moisturizing the skin. Especially recommended for: 

* All women who need instant results for a big night out 

* All with mature skin as part and complement of powerful face-lifting treatments 

* Smart Neuropeeling for all skin types and all ages: As a preventive treatment against aging after the age of 30 

Number and frequency of treatments: 5-10 treatments every 10-14 days or lifting treatment once 


Price and duration: 70 min kr 22000

This is a two-step treatment for intense exfoliation of dead skin cells. So-called oxygen skin polishing is used, and an active chemical preparation is injected, which varies between skin types. It is suitable for all skin types, including those with rosacea and vascular skin, sensitive skin, and allergy-prone skin. 

SThis deep-cleansing treatment is especially recommended for those with oily skin, seborrheic symptoms, and combination skin. 

Advantages of the treatment:

 • Regeneration of skin cells 

• Saturates the tissues of the skin with oxygen and nutrients 

• Stimulates collagen and elastin production 

• Softens and moisturizes the skin • Detoxifies the skin 

• Deep cleans and tightens pores • Smoothes wrinkles

 • Lightens blemishes and softens the tone of discolored skin 

• Delivers a visible and better appearance and texture of the skin 

• General skin regeneration 

Recommendations before the treatment:

  • Botox 14 days before an oxygen resurfacing treatment to allow the Botox to set.
  • Men should shave the night before the procedure if the procedure is performed in the morning, or if the procedure is performed in the afternoon, you should shave in the morning.
  • Laser treatments – performing a series of laser treatments simultaneously is impossible.
  • Oxygen Skin Resurfacing Treatment – ​​Allow two weeks after laser treatments before undergoing an oxygen skin resurfacing treatment.

Recommendations after the treatment:

Do not wear makeup for 12 hours after the procedure
Do not swim or use the sauna, wax your face, sunbathe, or use exfoliating products, including scrub
for 24 hours after treatment

Number and frequency of treatments: 6-10 treatments every 7-10 days 

Price and duration: 80 min kr 22000

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Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time

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