Glam Glow Deluxe Mask


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Glam Glow Luxury Exfoliating Mask if your problem is pores and lightness… you need it!!! We start by stimulating the face with a 5-minute face massage. With a warm towel to open the pores, we proceed to apply the clay mask that transforms the skin, removing the accumulation of dead skin cells, smoothing the uneven texture of the skin and the appearance of fine lines, intensely revealing softer, smoother and more radiant skin in just ten minutes. After a 10-minute treatment, we continue with moisturizer and finally hyaluronic acid. This mask is a 20-minute professional treatment used in the Hollywood film industry and backstage at fashion shows for moments of beauty, only for skin types: Normal, combination, and oily. It is not recommended for dehydrated, sensitive, or sensitive skin use.

This treatment is suitable for normal, combination, and oily skin but is not recommended for dry and sensitive skin.

Price and duration: 40 min 8900 kr

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