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PLAYA- The Mimos Collection




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Glitrandi og hlý blanda ávaxta og blóma fyrir yndislega sólríka skemmtun.

Yfir tónn: Sítrus ávextir og epli
Mið tónn: Blóm og musk

Grunn tónn: Amber og skógarilmur

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The candles in the Mimos line are handmade and decorated here in Iceland for Mimos. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, e.g., Ultimate soya wax and cotton igniter. The fragrances and essential oils used in making the candles are ordered from one of the UK's world's most renowned candle manufacturers. The wax and the candle thread come from the same manufacturer that produces candles for one of the world's most well-known brands, e.g., Paul Smith, The White Company, and Conran. The glasses for the candles are specially ordered GEO mugs that are particularly beautiful and are enjoyed on their own after the candle has burned out, both as a living room centerpiece and as storage for various small items.




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