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Kobido Massage


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Kobido is an ancient Japanese massage art that takes many years to master. Kobido means the ancient way of beauty, but in Japan, beauty comes from a balance between body, mind, and spirit. This anti-art massage therapy has many benefits:

  • Improves skin moisture absorption
  • Ductility and density
  • Stimulates and releases pressure
  • Relaxes the body's nervous system
  • It gives a natural facelift
  • Works against wrinkle formation
  • Relaxes muscle tension

A Kobido massage usually lasts 90 minutes. On a clean neck and face, the technique is performed with a combination of kneading, pinching, rollers, and rhythmic hand movements, ending with a facial mask and face cream. The massage is performed with 100% natural products. The effect of Kobido massage on the client is characterized by wonderful relaxation and mental peace. The treatment is suitable for skin of all ages, all skin types, and women and men. The treatment is not recommended if these symptoms are present: Fever, herpes, inflammatory lesions of the skin, worsening of chronic skin diseases, immune and infectious diseases, cancer, and endocrine diseases.


Price and duration:


60 mín 15800  kr

90 mín 19800 kr


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