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Shifa Aroma selected Mimos as their sole Icelandic reseller.

Dear Icelanders and friends,
We feel privileged and we look forward to working with Mimos to fill Icelandic homes with the wonderful aroma of Shifa.
Welcome to our miniature world, where we love to make home fragrances. What makes our products unique are our special ingredients, which we add a pinch of ambition, infuse with love, stir with passion, hand-pour with care, and sprinkle with creativity. All this incredible magic happens in small batches in our family workshop in Yorkshire.
The inspiration behind ‘Shifa Aromas’ came from nature itself; while using natural botanicals and resins in our products, we realized that we could not only achieve an aesthetically pleasing product with captivating aromas but at the same time we could also enjoy a therapeutic experience that is much needed in today’s hectic lifestyles. We wanted our products to provide comfort, peace, and relaxation, positively impacting one’s well-being. The word ‘Shifa’ was chosen because it means ‘to be healed,’ and we believe it reflects the vision of our brand.
As a British brand, we aim to bring you collections that enhance our lifestyles. This has been achieved with uniquely crafted fragrances that reflect our experiences and are inspired by our heritage. Therefore, every fragrance has a unique lifestyle symbol to help you choose the right Shifa Aroma product to suit you.
So join our circle, where great fragrances are created to create those perfect moments for your home and soul.
Most importantly… Love & Care
Each candle & diffuser is made with love and care in our workshop in Yorkshire, England. We use natural techniques’ and hand-pour each individually and then finish to the highest standards with quality packaging ready for you to enjoy.
At Shifa Aromas, we take pride and time in sourcing our ingredients to ensure that our customers receive a high-quality, aesthetically and aromatically pleasing product. We aim to source our products locally and nationally, giving back to the economy and being sustainably responsible.
Jabar & Nafeesa
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