The lowest weight, 49 oz., was registered by members from California, Oregon and Washington.

PIONEERING in a new field of healthcare science, Dr. Arthur MacDonald, a prominent scientist of Washington, panerai fakes D. C best replica tag heuer watches , has perfected a brand new machine which weighs the brain inside a living personĦħhitherto an not possible feat.

Recently Dr. MacDonald produced a partial survey of the brain weights and body measurements of our national lawmakers because the initially step in an experiment anticipated to bring about a study with the mental and physical gear of legislative bodies all through the planet. Eighteen senators and seventy-one congressmen showed an typical brain weight of 52 and 50 ounces respectively. replicas panerai The greatest brain weightĦħ55 ouncesĦħwas shown by members from Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas, who likewise possessed the greatest statureĦħ70 inchesĦħ and the greatest head lengthĦħ8 inches.

Legislators from California, Washington and Oregon registered the lowest typical brain weightĦħ49 ouncesĦħand the smallest head length; however, oddly adequate, showed the strongest hand clasp, with an average of 203 pounds. Conversely, members from Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi, even though possessed of the greatest typical body weight, scored lowest in the hand grasp test with grips of from 80 to 91 pounds. Lawmakers from Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska revealed brain weights of 53 ounces and an typical stature barely under 70 inches.

Aside from the novelty of those tests, groundwork is getting laid for insuring an increase inside the length of life of our national leaders. Comparative research of those guys who come from different sections from the nation likewise offer an chance for scientists to establish data around the common physical and mental status from the nation.

Brain Meter Tests Lawmaker's Intellect (Jun, 1934)

Brain Meter Tests Lawmaker's Intellect

Your Congressman's Brain

Based on partial survey of 89 senators and congressmen.

SENATORS' brain weights averaged 52 oz., congressmen, 50 oz. The greatest brain weight, 55 oz., was shown in members from Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

The next highest brain weight, 53 oz., was identified in members from Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas.

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