Credit for the invention and patenting on the device which makes this probable goes to Louis St. Pierre, manager with the Coronado theater of Rockford, Illinois.Bridge Games Shown from Life on Screen

The principles in the "bridgeoscope" are very simple. Players are seated around a card table covered with black velvet, against which the white cards stand out distinctly m the glare of ten 1000-watt lamps focused on the set. Straight above the card table can be a mixture camera-projector equipped Ik particular lenses. above this projector is placed a mirror reflects the concentrated light-rays from the projector upon a second mirror, set at such an angle that the reflection is thrown upon the front with the movie screen . The bridgeoscope is mounted in an especially sound-proofed room inside the orchestra pit tag heuer copy watch , below the stage and in front of it high quality replica tag heuer watches .

Natural Colors Shown Cards are reproduced in natural colors, numerous occasions magnified. tag heuer replica usa As the audience watches the bridge game progress, an expert explains the play. The audience constantly sees the cards held by every single player, in order that devotees in the game will have a possibility to find out how they would play the cards.

The bridgeoscope has many other utilizes. As an example, a girl can demonstrate hair-dressing and make-up secrets; a billiard game may be shown; a cartoonist can draw photos; the theater manager can promote forthcoming attractions by writing and speaking directly towards the audience- and you will find dozens of equivalent applications.

Bridge Games Shown from Life on Screen (May possibly, 1932)

Celebrity Basement Bridge does not really have the same ring to it.

Bridge Games Shown from Life on Screen

FOLKS who delight in playing the game of bridge will quickly have the ability to step into their favourite film theaters and watch an actual bridge game becoming played around the film screen. It'll be a picture from life, not a mere movie-the players will likely be positioned within the basement in the theater, and also the scene shown will be an actual reproduction of their plays, flashed upon the screen by an ingenious arrangement of lights and mirrors. The bids and card table small-talk on the players will be broadcast for the audience by way of the theater sound method.

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